Acacia Care was started by Sister Trish Adams in 2008, as she felt there was a need for a personal home-away-from-home frail care facility where one could grow old with dignity and enjoy personalised care.

Acacia Care began with 5 elderly people in Waterfall, KwaZulu-Natal and now occupies a beautiful home in Botha’s Hill, in a relaxed, calm environment overlooking the Valley of 1000 Hills.

The home is Registration No is K2017405483 and Practice No: 0880000719137

Everyone needs to feel that they matter, even in their later years, that’s why we at Acacia Care have developed a safe and caring place for all our residents. Our Carers have been trained to take care of each residents individual needs, whether it’s just assisting with dressing, or as with some of our residents, with total 24 hour hands-on care. The Carers are able connect with and understand each resident’s needs and what is important to each, personally.

We cater for every need of the residents from the medical side right through to their emotional and spiritual needs. It’s the simple things in life that matter – from a weekly manicure, to a cup cake with their tea in the morning. Everything matters when it comes to making our residents feel at home.

Family visits are encouraged as often as possible as this interaction goes a long way to making our folk live a happy relaxed life here at Acacia Care.

Our aim is to make a difference in the lives of every resident. We encourage interaction between the folks living here and provide activities such as board games, group therapy and our famous knitting circle, where we have produced hundreds of blankets and jerseys for the orphans in the valley.

Here at Acacia Care, we understand the importance of the times when residents want to be alone just to rest and contemplate life. From the first greeting in the morning, or a welcoming cup of tea and their favourite cake, Acacia Care goes the extra mile to make folks feel that they are loved.

Meet The Team

Sister Trish Adams is a Registered Nursing Sister with over 20 years experience in the nursing field. She is ably assisted by 2 qualified Nursing Sisters and an in-house chef who loves coming up with news recipes to delight the residents. Together with her wonderful team of Carers, Trish runs an efficient and homely place for your loved ones.