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Choosing the right assisted living facility

When visiting a facility make note of the surroundings and activities being performed. If necessary, visit more than once to get more of a feel like during activities and meal times, for example. Also note the below to help make a better choice:What to look for in the staff

  • Do they have time to speak with you or does it feel rushed?
  • Do they appear genuinely friendly and interested in you?
  • Do they interact warmly with current residents? Or do they seem stressed or overwhelmed?
  • How do they handle emergencies?
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What to look for in the residents

  • Do they appear happy?
  • Do they enjoy interacting with one another?
  • Do they seem like people you enjoy getting to know?
  • Are there hobbies or groups on site that look interesting to you?

What to look for in the facility

  • Do the different areas seem clean and fresh?
  • How often is housekeeping provided for your room?
  • Does the facility seem safe and secure? Are the bathrooms easily accessible and have grab bars? How do residents contact staff in an emergency?
  • How is the food? Sample a meal and ask about menu options.

The most important factor when choosing an assisted living facility is that it feels friendly, safe, and comfortable to you and your family.

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