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Our Services


Assisted Living

Acacia Care offers assisted living facilities for residents who are independent and cognitively capable but who require assistance with personal care, dressing and ambulation on a daily basis. Acacia Care provides all meals with a focus on quality care in an environment that is relaxed, homely and comfortable. In addition, medication is dispensed for residents and their overall health and well-being is carefully monitored daily.


Frail Care

Acacia Care offers exceptional frail care for its residents. We have a wide variety of stimulation and entertainment programs that are run on a daily basis. Each day there is pet therapy and music therapy; this includes enjoying music DVD’s which is very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Here at Acacia Care, our residents’ physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is our top priority.


Step-down/ Rehab

Acacia Care offers comfortable short-term care for its residents. These services benefit a person who has spent some time in hospital as a result of an illness, a stroke or an operation and is requiring care while they recuperate before going back home. This service is ideal whilst a person is medically stable and no longer needs to be in a hospital environment and can be discharged to a care facility.